What is SCP International inc.USA ?

SCP holds the confidence of stakeholders on System Certification Audit & Inspection for Health & Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility. SCP offers expertise with diversified experience in supply chain labor and sustainability practices. Our experts offer relevant and in-depth advises to your business.  We have experience in a range of industries, including Textiles, Cotton Crop, Food processing, and Agriculture.

What we do ?

We have qualified auditors for conducting audit for SMETA for SEDEX against ETI and or any other Code of Conduct or Standard.

Our Services ?

SCP provides services including social assessments, core labor standards, training workshops covering child labor, forced labor, discrimination and freedom of association, in-house training and education, and more! Whether your needs are short or long term, We have the experience to support your workplace and your supplier’s capability to supply quality goods in responsible manners.

Benefits of our Experience ?

With global experience clients ranging from local suppliers to international brands, our solutions are customized to meet your objectives. By taking your business practices to the next level We can help to sustain and improve business partnerships, enhance work environment, and improve productivity. SCP International Certification & Inspection Services, incorporated in the USA.

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