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SCP Inc., hold agreement with accredited training organizations AQE-AAS Europe to offer certified Lead Auditor Courses and awareness sessions. Please check the list below, course of your interest:Click here to see accreditation

Classic five-day Lead Auditor (LA) courses consist of two days description of relevant system/standard and three days of auditing process according to ISO 19011. Every time five-day course is taken the same three days auditing part is presented over and over again.


AQE-AAS offers certified/accredited courses using new TPECS concept based on modules. Auditing part is presented only once, competence in auditing is then confirmed, but this module is never taken again. Any one or two-day module relevant to specific system/standard can then be added. The advantage is obvious: using classic 5-day approach it would take 15 work days to complete QMS, EMS and OHAS courses, but using module approach it would take only six or nine days. Plus, any additional system/standard would take only one or two days. (Regardless of module duration, participants are expected to be familiar with relevant standard. A two-day unit includes one day of training and one day of competence determination; one day units are provided for candidates who are familiar with material, so only determination of competence is done. Most AQE-AAS clients opt for two-day courses.
Following RABQSA certified Lead Auditor Courses are offered by us to build your career :

1- RABQSA – AU Auditing based on ISO 19011
2- RABQSA – TL Team Leading based on ISO 19011
3- RABQSA – QM QMS based on ISO 9001
4- RABQSA – EM EMS based on ISO 14001
5- RABQSA – MD MDMS based on ISO 13485
6- RABQSA – FS FSMS based on ISO 22000
7- RABQSA – IS ISMS based on ISO 27001
8- RABQSA – OH OHSMS based on OHSAS 18001

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