Petroleum Cargo Inspection (PCI)

Offer petroleum inspection(PCI) services and petroleum-products to ensure quality and quantity when trading and transporting high value petroleum cargo movements. SCP Inc. Inspection expertise reduces financial risks to trading parties. SCP Inc., Middle East office and laboratories coordinate inspection and testing services for cargo petroleum inspectionmovements, as required by our clients.

Our expertise in petroleum inspection are petroleum loss control operations, loading operations, discharge operations, product blending and pipeline transfers has made us the consistent choice of oil majors, trading houses, terminal operators and ship owners.

Whilst on board a vessel, our surveyor assesses the condition of the vessel’s loading / unloading equipment. In the event of an emergency such as an oil spill, contact between vessels and/or dock, or personal injury, our petroleum loss control surveyor will immediately enact notification procedures so that the client is not subject to delay third party notice or claims

Bulk petroleum and refined products inventory and custody transfer inspection:
– Tank Gauging

– Bunker Surveys

– Atmospheric Monitoring

– Product Sampling to Industry Standards

– Tank Cleanliness Inspection

– Tank Wall Wash

– Tanker Lightering

– Auto-Sampling

– Investigation of Cargo Discrepancies1

– Sampling, Sample Transport

– Sample Quality Laboratory Testing and Retain

– Offshore Lightering Inspection Services

– Crude Oil Rail Car Services

– Cargo Additive Treatment Services

– Cargo Additive Treatment

Bulk liquid products and commodities involving:

– crude oil

– bunker fuels

– gasoline

– middle distillates

– aviation fuels

– lubricating oils

– base stocks

– chemicals

– solvents

– liquefied petroleum gas

– anhydrous ammonia

– fertilizers

– soda ash

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