Process Validation

SCP can reduce Process validation testing time and cost, while improving product quality.

SCP inc, provide Process Validation and a wide range of validation testing services to manufacturers in the automotive, textile, appliance, consumer products, furniture, IT, and medical industries.

Validation testing can include:

Functional and feature testing to demonstrate the basic functions and features of a material, product or system, ranging from simple testing of the tensile strength of a piece of wire, to the light distribution for a head lamp.process validation

Durability and life testing to demonstrate what conditions the product can handle and for how long. These conditions can include temperature, vibration, humidity, chemicals, pressure, voltage, and hundreds of other sources of damage.

Performance testing to determine how your product measures against the competition. We offer a wide range of performance testing capabilities and services to help make your products stand out in the field.

Clean room validation of pharmaceutical and other manufacturing or testing facilities (textiles, toys, footwear, hardlines and food) to a level acceptable to both local and International regulations and standards in any location across the world.

Our industries include:


Electrical & Electronic

Food & Agriculture

Industrial & Manufacturing

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Toys, Games & Hardlines

Building Products

Consumer Goods & Retail


Government & Trade

IT & Telecoms


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